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Welcome, friend. My name is Kate, and I am thrilled you are here. The arts should be inclusive, welcoming engagement, questions, and exploration. Join me as I explore a wide range various art-making methods, and share the results with you all. 


Traditionally, I work mainly with oil landscapes, selling in high-end galleries across New England. Over the past few years, I have expanded my work into large-scale abstraction, textile design, watercolor sketches, as well as modern frescos. I refuse to limit myself to one way of creating, and constantly test out new ideas, and concepts. 


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In my journey with the arts, I enjoy working with both galleries, interior designers, and private clients alike. Each relationship is special, and in each way I am able to meet people exactly where they are. Whether it is designing a collection for a gallery, whose buyers I will never meet, to developing large scale pieces that are perfect for your recent interior design project, or working one-on-one with art lovers, to design a piece that will be loved for years to come - all of it is what I love to do. 

The Christina Gallery On the Island of Martha's Vineyard
The Greylock Gallery - Williamstown, MA
Alofft Gallery - Litchfield CT


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